Paul Farrington


In 1991, Paul, along with ENT consultant David Proops and SLT Heather Williams, founded the Professional Voice Users Clinic at University Hospital in Birmingham.

For 17 years, Paul was one of only two Clinical Vocal Consultants employed by the NHS in the UK, and his experience in working with professional voice users of all kinds is almost unique.
The PVU Clinic saw patients not only from the West Midlands region, but also had referrals from all over the UK.

The clinic offers a one stop multi-interdisciplinary approach to the care of the professional voice, treating singers, actors, clergy, teachers, lecturers, in fact, anyone who uses their voice for professional purposes and is experiencing vocal difficulties.

The PVU Clinic team presented its work at the first World Voice Congress in Oporto, Portugal, as well as at symposia in the UK. The model on which the clinic is based has now been widely adopted throughout the NHS.

Paul left the PVU in May 2007, and is now associated with a number of notable ENT consultants in London from whom he receives referrals. He provides clinical consultations by appointment, where the technical and functional overview of the voice user can be assessed and appropriate advice or remediation recommended in order to return the patient to normal vocal function as quickly as possible.

In addition, Paul has been invited by the British Voice Association (BVA,) on a number of occasions, to present at their conferences and demonstrate his remediation techniques for working with singers with vocal injury. He is also regularly called upon by a number of the production companies in London to work with artists who are experiencing vocal difficulties