Paul Farrington


In 1989, Paul attended a one-day workshop presented by Jo Estill. It was here that he first encountered the pedagogy of Jo Estill, which underpins all of the work he does today.

Paul attended the first Estill Course to be presented in London in 1992, and then again in 1994, along with the Advanced Course.

In the next few years, Paul studied with, interned for, co-presented with and subsequently worked with Jo Estill.

This more systemic approach to the training of the voice for singers and actors was in its infancy in the UK and Paul gave the first introductory courses on the Estill Voice Training™ system at Wigmore Hall in London and subsequently throughout the UK.

He was one of the first people to be recognised by Jo Estill and awarded a Vanguard License to teach her method worldwide.

Paul is now a Certified Course Instructor, with Service Distinction and Advanced Testing Priviliges, within the new protocols of the Estill Voice International, which co-ordinates the international teaching of Jo Estill’s work.Bug_CCI_TP_SD

As one of the most experienced teachers of the Estill Voice Training system and vocal coach to singers at international level, Paul is now in demand to present courses in the Estill model worldwide.

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